What's new with Optimo?

There's always something new at Optimo:
That's because we have wonderful clients that regularly supply us with feedback. They tell us what they want (or would like) and in doing so, they also tell us what you want too. That's because everyone - or almost everyone - wants to achieve the same or similar goals.

No Two Schools are the Same
Every school differs in the way they run and manage music and performing arts. The top priority for one may be of lesser importance for another. What's on top of the agenda this month can be different next month. It all depends on the circumstances at the time and it's ever changing - so we at Optimo are ever changing as well.

The Goal is to make things better for all
It's all about improving the way things are done in the school, creating greater efficiencies, increasing security, improving control over loans, reducing the time it takes to do and check things, reducing stress for the students, teachers and the admin staff.

Things like:
  1. Handling instrument loans/rentals more efficiently
  2. Handling library loans more efficiently
  3. Handling instrument maintenance and repairs to ensure the longest life possible for them
  4. Creating more efficient ways of communicating with students and their families
  5. Improving the reporting capabilities so the school administration can be better informed
  6. Enabling better planning for repertoire development
  7. Providing better information for the preparation of budgets and forward estimates
  8. Planning for balanced groups for 4, 5 or even 6 years hence ... the list goes on and on.

Our 'to-do' list never seems to get shorter, instead it gets longer and that's good because it means that you are getting what you need as we are able to incorporate new ideas to make your life easier.

The Optimo Product Suite
Our suite of products includes three programs developed to cater for music programs of all sizes. They are Optimobasix, Optimocombo and Optimoplus+. Here's a link

The Latest Upgrade
Our latest (8.0) was released earlier this year and like all our upgrades it was installed and up and running before you even knew about it. It's all 'part of the service' and included in your annual subscription fee.

In fact, hardly a month goes by without some small upgrade taking place. We just DO IT!

Version 8.0 includes numerous new features and benefits. The reaction we've had to it has been quite incredible.

  • Optimo is now Mobile Responsive so whether you're using a laptop, a tablet, or an ipad, Optimo will automatically adjust to fit.
  • Media, which had major improvements in the previous email is even better now. 
  • A copy function has been added to Print Music, Instruments and Equipment for easy duplication of multiple entries.
  • The Icons which were introduced earlier save lots of space space and have been further improved.
  • Roll marking and other co-curricular benefits have been included as well.

We will continue to develop new benefits for our Optimo users and we are confident that you will feel the benefits of it as you increase your use of the new features.

Swap students between groups

When you swap students from one group to another or from one tuition group to another, their record of attendance moves with them.

Schedule all the rehearsals and the lessons - either group or individual lessons with their teacher can be scheduled as a static timetable or a rotating timetable.

Most schools now required instrumental teachers to develop a rotating timetable for their students. This is only difficult if you've never done one. We offer assistance to teachers who are finding it difficult.

Mark their attendance, schedule make-up lessons if necessary, credit lessons not taken if appropriate, send instant emails requesting an explanation if they don't show up and make comments which are stored in their file for future reference.

Teacher's records automatically update to what the student's record shows and visiting or perapatetic teachers can be paid based on the information shown on their record.

Parents can be billed based on the information stored in Optimo and as it's always up to date, there is not lost time for the school administration caused by teacher's claims arriving late.

Get in Touch
Talk to us if you'd like information about the latest Version, or have us show you the new Tuition module. We're always happy to talk to you about the old and the new benefits of using Optimo in your school. Our phone number is 61 2 9940 0229