This web based package is the perfect solution for any person, school or organization that wants to catalog their music library or keep track of their instruments and equipment. It is the simplest form of the Optimo Music Resource Management Program and the size of your inventory or the number of titles in your library is virtually unlimited!

It is suitable for the studio/private teacher, music student or enthusiast,  or any size school or  music studio. optimobasix comes with powerful search and report capabilities and is single user only.

optimobasix - library allows you to catalog your print (sheet) music library, books, magazines and journals, media (DVD & CD etc.). It also includes library links and provision to enter program notes.

optimobasix - instruments & equipment gives you the best, comprehensive program available today to keep track of your instruments and equipment. It helps you track the location, purchase details, accessories, instrument and equipment condition. Makes insurance issues simple!

All programs come with preloaded data which includes more than 8000 composers, more than 650 publishers, approximately 60 record labels and more than 200 instrument brands

Pricing (AUD)

Initial one-time set up fee *                                             $995

optimobasix - library                                                    $695 per year

optimobasix - instruments  & equipment                       $795 per year

Data cleansing and import (optional)                                     POA

* Minimum annual committment for optimobasix - library is $695 and for optimobasix - instruments & equipment  $795 Initial one-time set up fee for one year is in addition to this amount. Taxes not included.

All prices subject to change without notice.