Optimo product suite

Optimo Software offers a suite of subscription web based music resource asset management programs. Unique in design and using enterprise level technology, you are able to catalog and effectively search your library, manage your instruments and equipment, track your instrument and equipment loans and repairs and keep a complete history of your performances, plus much more!

The three products are:
optimobasix is the perfect solution for any person, school or organization that wants to catalog their music library or keep track of their instruments and equipment. It is the simplest form of the Optimo Music Resource Management Program and the size of your inventory or the number of titles in your library is virtually unlimited!

It is single user only and offers a choice of either the optimobasix - 'library module' or the optimobasix  - 'instrument & equipment module'.

optimocombo can be single or multi user and is suitable for intermediate size music programs. The database can be customized giving you the freedom to pick and choose various modules to suit your particular needs.

optimoplus+ is our full line product and is suitable for large music faculties and departments in colleges, schools and universities where the tracking of inventory and asset management control brings significant financial benefit.

All programs come with preloaded data which includes more than 9000 composers, more than 800 publishers, approximately 60 record labels and more than 200 instrument brands.

Subscriptions are billed annually in advance. An initial set up fee is payable for all
products. Training, ongoing support, data cleansing and the importing of data is included in the set up fee for optimoplus+ only.

Turn-Key Installation
A Turn-Key Installation Solution means that Optimo staff do all the work.

We enter all your data, label and/or tag all your resources (music, instruments and equipment); we set up your performance and tuition groups so that the day we hand the program over to you it’s ready to roll.  You and your staff don’t have to do anything ...
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