What Our Customers Say ...

The more we use Optimo the more we are able to maximise the number of benefits available to us from the program.

We'll soon be into our sixth year with Optimo and we are always learning new things about the vast capability of the programme because it is constantly being upgraded and improved. 

It's a large program and it will literally do everything we need plus much, much more. We would not be able to manage our 47 performance groups, our instruments, equipment and our library nearly as efficiently as we do without Optimo.

Three of the main feature about Optimo that stand out to us are:

  1. The level and quality of the day to day service they provide. (It is second to none)
  2. The Service Contract they provide. (We can go about our work secure in the knowledge that our Optimo program is operating at maximum efficiency 24/7)
  3. The Professional Development provided by optimo. (I conservatively estimate that our productivity increased by around 300% after our first PD session)

Gone are all the other spread sheets and small databases that we needed to administer the program. EVERYTHING we need is in Optimo!
James Brice - Head of Co-curricular Performing Arts - Knox Grammar School

"We are thrilled with how Optimo has streamlined and organised our music and instruments at Penrhos College"
Music Administration Assistant, Penrhos College

"It's been a great move to have Optimo installed and we are already seeing the benefits of what it means to have a professional music department management system, invented by musicians for musicians!"
Tim Chung, Director of Music Performance, St Aloysius College, Sydney

"For us, Optimo ticks all the boxes for what we needed. With all our records now stored on the one database, it enables me to gain better control over the entire range of our library resources - I'm able to re-visit existing material that I'd forgotten we purchased, even our instrument collection. It has simplified the way I communicate with the students in our many ensembles. Being able to keep track of things is so much easier."
Gerard Scelzi, Music Co-ordinator, St Aloysius College, Sydney

"With over 30 ensembles and approximately 1000 students involved in music across three school campuses, we were looking for a system to help relieve the administrative pressure that comes with such a large music program. Adding to this was the need to manage a music library in the vicinity of 2000 titles and an extensive instrument and equipment list.

Whereas records were previously stored on several spreadsheets, Optimo provided Newington with a way to accurately and efficiently manage our data, library and instruments across three separate physical locations. We are now able to better account for our inventory and track the loaning of instruments and their repair history."

Dr. Luke Gilmour, Former Director of Bands
, Newington College, Sydney, Australia

I would like to sincerely thank Optimo Systems for all the work they have undertaken at St Aloysius' College in Sydney. Prior to Optimo Systems implementing the Optimo Plus Resoource Management Program at the College we were unable to adequately track all of the physical resources (Sheet Music, Books, Instruments and Equipment) entrusted to the Music Department. All of the old processes which involved numerous spreadsheets and databases, were cumbersome and prone to error at many levels and Optimo has replaced these. With ever tightening budget and insurance constraints it simply makes sense to have the Optimo Resource Management Program to track the department assets now and in to the future.

It is immediately apparent that Optimo is a program designed by musicians for musicians. The program allows specialists in their field to effortlessly keep track of their own particular specialties without the burden of hours of paperwork to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. The program promotes openness and accountability across the department and it benefits not only the current staff of theh Music Department but also those who will be employed by the College in the future.

Optimo Systems provided St Aloysius with a "Turn Key Solution", when the students arrived back on day 1 of Term 1, Optimo was fully functional. Over the Christmas break the huge job of tagging and entering every physical resource of the department into Optimo was completed which in essence freed up the Music Department from wasting valuable teaching time on this task. Optimo also set up all student information for every student in the school as well as all department staff and peripatetic tutorial staff. Student performance groups were established to allow music staff to manage ensemble enrolment and communication with the click of a button and every facet of the program was fully tested prior to the return of the students for the start of the year. In the past it would take many weeks to get on top of all of the start of year administration tasks for an ensemble program as large as ours, with Optimo we were ready to go on day 1.

I cannot thank Optimo Systems enough for the work they have done in transforming our department as well as for being so open and accommodating thoughout the whole process.
James Pensini, Head of Bands, St Aloysius' College, Sydney

"We began by using up to 40 spread sheets to manage all the activities and students and that was before we looked at the physical resources like the music library, instruments, microphones, etc. I knew there had to be a better way. The primary funciton of Optimo is to free up time and allow us to teach students, as they are our greatest resource. Optimo is ultra efficient, it's friendly, it's intuitive and it enables us to deal with people - and that's what we are here for."

Charles Hambling, Knox Grammar School, Sydney, Australia

"I would like to thank you and your team for all of your hard work, you have driven fantastic results. Your determination and 'can do' attitude has been invaluable. We have found the navigation and functionality of Optimo very intuitive. We look forward to working on future projects with you."
Andrew Humphries, Facilities Manager, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Australia

"Thank you for your wonderful instruction and for making us aware of your incredible software package. It really is great - don't know how we struggled through for so many years with clunky systems."

Jayne McNeill, Music Coordinator, St Scholastica's College, Sydney, Australia

"Optimo Software has been really helpful in organizing our high school music department. In the past we have used Microsoft Excel spread sheets, then GoogleDocs to try to track our musical instruments and equipment, but these did not do what we needed them to do. Our annual audit was always a stress-filled time. Now, by using Optimo, we are able to have one database that not only shows where each instrument is, but can also track when it is sent for repairs, rented, or loaned.

Thanks to Optimo, we are becoming more organized, and we are able to spend more time and energy doing what we really want to do - teach music! Thanks so much!"
Jeffrey Taylor, HS Band Director, The International School of Kuala Lumpur

"Taipei American School has been so pleased to adopt the Optimo platform for our music department. The program, and the technical support provided, has brought together our array of resources and equipment into a manageable and dynamic database that will provide us with greater flexibility and efficiency. Adopting the Optimo platform allows our faculty to manage time as music educators more efficiently and give greater focus to out students' needs and effective classroom operations."
Stephen Abernethy, Dept Chair for Performing Arts, Taipei American School

"It's a fantastic tool, we are very grateful to have it, and athe more we use it and understand it, the more appreciating its amazing power".
Dr. Ellen B. Weller, Associate Professor, World Music, Palomar College, USA

"I watched the demo ... very, very impressive! I only wish I had this program available when I was Director of Bands and K-12 Music Supervisor. You thought of every little detail and it certainly contributes to efficiency and organization. I am sending your web page address to my friends for their consideration".
Ed Lisk - Author of The Creative Director - Alternative Rehearsal Techniques; Director of Bands, Music Supervisor ret. Oswego City School District New York

"Thanks so much for your attentive service. It's great to know that whenever there is a problem (even when it's my own fault) either yourself or Yvonne are dedicated to helping out. It's definitely refreshing in the current business climate - if only my home phone company were that helpful!!"
Miranda Ward - Administrative Assistant, Brisbane Grammar School, Music Department

"Having witnessed the unlimited possibilities of this organizational gem, it would seem everyone would want to embrace the value of this time-saving administrator.  It affords every director the chance to avoid those frustrating experiences of anxious searching, only to come up shorthanded in the end.  Now, all information is literally at our fingertips. BRAVO!"
Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, renowned Music Educator and Author

"Thanks for introducing me to the Optimo software program! I have looked at several different Music Resource/Admin programs over the years, but nothing as comprehensive as Optimo. I anticipate that it will more than pay for itself in the first twelve months by saving me from losing several instruments and saving me many hours of time in administrivia! I thank you for your development of this awesome product. It is amazing - the diference it makes when it is designed by a fellow "muso" - someone who understands the needs and problem of running a busy music program. Thanks again!"
Darryl Pope, Former Director of Music, Wilderness School, South Australia

"We have found Optimo Software to be a superb addition to our university band department. The ease of operation of this dynamically designed program has provided a new level of organization and efficiency in our daily departmental operations. The training and support that we have received from Optimo has been superb. I highly recommend this program to others.
Dr. Tim Rhea, Director of Bands,Texas A&M University, USA

"Optimo Plus has offered us a standardization of all files that were heretofore organized simply by individuals. We now are able to effectively maintain within one system all the following: equipment, library, students, forms, director database, instruments, repairs, etc. Everything is available to key administrators from any computer anywhere in the world.

Truly it is the smartest investment that we have made in our program in my twenty-five year tenure at this university."
Dr. Thomas V. Fraschillo, Director of Bands (Emeritus), University of Southern Mississippi, USA