Optimo Approaches it Differently

Have you got a handle on things?

How much do you really know about the resources in your music department? Do you know how many instruments you have; how much equipment you have; how much music you have? Do you know where everything is; what its current value is; how much it would cost to replace in the event of being burgled, bombed or burnt?

Do you know who has instruments, equipment or music out on loan; when it is due back and how many accessories (mouthpieces, bows etc.) are on loan with it? Do you know how much your repairs and maintenance costs are each year?

Chances are you don't know all the answers to those questions!

If you do know the answers, you are one of the few because most people don't!

More than 50 years experience

The members of the team at Optimo Software have a unique perspective on the management of resources in Music Departments of school, colleges and universities as well as professional, community and amateur performance organisations. They have been involved in it for more than fifty years. That's a lot of experience!

Facing the Challenges

Thinking outside the square, their creative approach to solving the challenges that all these things present, is relieving the frustrations experienced by teachers and administrators in many organisations. Optimo's understanding of operational issues has enabled them to create effective solutions to managing the vast resources that can be found in almost every performing arts department.

Cloud-based Solution

Optimo Software has developed solutions using the technology of today. They know that information is power and time is money. For this reason, all of their solutions are delivered over the internet - it's a cloud-based solution, so you can access your information 24/7 from home, whilst on tour, or whenever you are away from the office. Your staff and colleagues can also easily access the information they need whenever they need it, saving time and reducing stress. They also back up the whole system every two hours, 24/7.

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