Track your Instruments Equipment and Music

Here are 9 reasons why you should be using Optimo!

  • Save time and money
  • Minimise loss of instruments, equipment or music
  • Secure data - it's hosted in Australia
  • Manage costs and budgets with ease and accuracy
  • Use effective systems resulting in improved efficiency
  • Manage your student tuition and performance groups effectively
  • A Turn-Key Installation Solution is available
  • Integrated Printer and Barcode Package
  • It's cloud based so access is available 24/7

Optimo's Team are the world's leading experts in music resource management

Optimo is the world's most advanced database system for the management of Performing Arts Department in a School or a University.

It was created to take effective control of the Performance Music Library (including print music, books, CDs, DVDs etc.) the instruments (their loans, maintenance, and repairs), all the other equipment, as well as the managment of the performance and tuition groups, attendance, roll marking etc.

Optimo has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use, to save time, to save money and to provide the maximum security for the school's resources.

It was created by people with years of experience in Music Education. They established and ran highly successful performing arts programs. They also spent years in the Music Industry supplying print music, instruments and equipment to schools.

These people conceived it from the perspective of a person that runs a Performing Arts Department, not from what administrators or programmers thought was needed.

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Discover how simple it can be to transform your department ...

We've produced a small book which is a guide to revolutionising your department and we would like to send you an obligation-free copy today, It's called "Music Department DNA: How Optimo Software can revolutionise your department", and it's packed with expert guidance on how our comprehensive software package will have a truly positive impact on your department. Just spend a few seconds filling in the form on this page and your guide will be sent to you immediately with our compliments!

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