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The Optimo Team are the world's leading experts in music resource management

Optimo Software is what every Music Department needs to transform it and make it run like a well-oiled machine. Many music organisations waste considerable time and effort trying, often with limited success, to discover how best to keep track of their resources. In some cases it remains an elusive goal and the solution evades them all together. Optimo Software provides the solution. It is not only a better way - it is the best way..

Quality and experience ...

The team at Optimo Software are all dedicated to helping people take effective control of their inventory of music, instruments and equipment. All of our clients receive the highest level professional service that brings order to the department and helps you manage your resources in the most efficient way possible.

We have had many years of experience working at the 'coal-face' of instrumental music programs and this perfectly positions Optimo Software to provided all performing arts organisations with the solutions they need.

Discover how simple it can be to transform your department ...

We've produced a small book which is In fact a guide to revolutionising your department and we would like to send you an obligation-free copy, It's called "Music Department DNA: How Optimo Software can revolutionise your department", and it's packed with expert guidance on how our comprehensive software package will have a truly positive impact on your department. Just spend a few seconds filling in the form on this page and your guide will be sent to you immediately with our compliments!

Five good reasons to choose Optimo!

  • minimise loss of instruments, music and equipment
  • manage costs and budgets more accurately
  • use of effective systems always results in improved efficiency
  • improve time management
  • access information from anywhere, anytime 24/7

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